Gourmet Bakery

Just perfect for your pampered pooch!

Pampered Pooch & Super Services

• Dessert du Jour: Lunch time or bedtime snack: a serving of Frosty Paws brand doggie ice cream and 2 gourmet cookies
• Nature Hike & Scavenger Hunt: A 20 minute one-on-one
“walk about” on the farm with a staff member
• The Balancing Act: The Best of Both! A savings for you when your dog walks off those cookies and ice cream!
• Post Card from Camp: You are having a great time on your trip. How about your pet? Receive a post card with a picture and update via email wherever you are!
• Full Grooming Services: Services range from baths, toenail clipping, brush-outs, creative and breed specific clips. Other services are available, please inquire within
•Additional charges apply for Super Services